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Celebrity Weighing Scales
  • Celebrity Weighing Scales

Celebrity Weighing Scales

How do you weigh up to the stars?

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    As seen on.. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross It seems everyone is obsessed about their weight these days. Too fat, too thin, size zero this, obese that. The whole weight debate is enough to make you want to smash up the bathroom scales and start again.

    Celebrity Weighing Scales

    Step aboard

    And that's pretty much what the makers of the hilarious Celebrity Weighing Scales have done, because they've dispensed with traditional units of measurement and replaced them with the names of celebrities, historical figures and even a few calorifically-challenged fictional characters.

    Celebrity Weighing Scales
    With these deeply ironic scales you get to compare your weight with the likes of Fozzie Bear, Mr Ed (yes, the talking horse!), Donald Trump's Combover and even the Baby Jesus. Just think, with the Celebrity Weighing Scales in the bathroom you'll be itching to step aboard, not dreading the prospect. After all numbers are so final, aren't they?

    Celebrity Weighing Scales
    Even if you couldn't give a fig about your weight, you'll want to use these scales every day just to see which iconic figure you're currently on par with. Of course most of us would prefer to achieve parity with Stephen Hawking ( sans wheelchair ) or Goldie Hawn, not Big Daddy or Half of John Candy. But even if the reading isn't to your liking, at least you'll have a giggle looking. Besides, in today's celeb-centric society it's rather comforting to know you weigh the same as King Kong or the Karate Kid. Sort of.

    Featuring a non-slip rubber surface and easy-to-read dial, Celebrity Weighing Scales are the perfect pressie for anyone who can't stop banging on about newfangled diets, expanding/decreasing waistlines and so-and-so's latest cash-in…sorry, workout video.

    Celebrity Weighing Scales



    In fact assuming you're not on first name terms with (Terry) Hulk Hogan, (Carlos) Chuck Norris or (Shirley) Big Daddy and your pals have got a decent sense of humour, we can think of no good reason why you shouldn't hit the Buy button right now. (Not to be used as part of a calorie controlled diet. Or any diet at all come to think of it).

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