Cats Attack
  • Cats Attack

Cats Attack

Run for your lives!

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    Close up of the cardboard towers

    Cardboard towers

    Run for your lives! We’re under attack from a massive cat! (cue screaming, running around and pointing). The Cats Attack scratching post makes your cat the star of their own 1950’s monster movie.

    This brilliantly playful cardboard kit looks like a series of skyscrapers. So when your cat does what comes naturally and uses it as a scratching post, they look like they’re attacking a giant city block. Graaar!

    Complete with little helicopter toy, it’ll give you hours of amusement while your cat scratches away, completely oblivious. Made from recyclable cardboard it’s an expendable way of dealing with your cat’s natural urge to scratch – saving all of your other furniture from Cat Kong’s clutches.

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