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  • Catnipbom


Puss in Roots

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Treat your cat to a temporary state of wondrous euphoria
  • Plant and behold the untold powers of catnip
  • Everything you need is contained within the garden-friendly grenade
  • All you have to do is soak it, throw it, then grow it


Some people say that cats are boring and indifferent creatures. These naysayers have clearly never witnessed a frenzied feline "under the influence" of catnip.

A mere whiff of the stuff induces a temporary state of wondrous euphoria (which apparently involves them writhing around on their back, drooling and pawing at imaginary balls of string). It's time to treat your cat (as well as the entire neighbourhood population) to this natural high with the Catnipbom.

Give this garden-friendly grenade a quick soak to soften it, then hurl it into an area with soil and natural light. The shrapnel contains all the necessary seeds and nutrients for this incredible herbal stimulant to grow. All that remains is to sit back (it does take a while to grow) and wait for the cats to come out to play.

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