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Catbus Mug

Cup bus

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Catbus Mug
Brand spanking NEW
  • It’s a Catbus mug!
  • You know… THAT Catbus
  • Pretty damn adorable if we do say so ourselves
  • Sadly doesn’t have windows like the real Catbus
  • 100% unofficial tribute to Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbour Totoro!


Catbus. A big grinning fuzzy cat with twelve legs, who is also a bus. From one scene. In one film. Yet you know exactly who he is. ICONIC.

Except, this time, instead of ferrying around passengers, he’s transporting a lovely hot drink of tea to your lips. Oh, and he has a nice lid (with cute little cat ears) to keep your cuppa hot.

Not a lot else to say, so we’ll wrap this up with a fun fact: in 2013, scientists in Vietnam decided to name a newly discovered species of velvet worm the Eoperipatus Totoro because of its resemblance to the multi-legged Catbus. Neat! Please note:
  • Unlike the real Catbus in the film, this mug can’t withstand dishwasher or microwave use
  • A rinse under the tap or a dip in the sink will do nicely

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