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Enough room to fling a cat

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  • Catapult your cats onto the towers to win points
  • Points vary depending on how fat the cat is and how it lands
  • Four games in one! Rearrange the towers to create new ways of playing
  • Includes multiple tower pieces, 4 catapults and 32 felines to flick


We've played it compulsively in the office for long enough; it's time to introduce our new favourite party game – Cat-a-pult.

The rules are extremely straightforward – gather your friends, build up the towers, then catapult as many cats onto them as quickly as you can. 1 point for a kitten, 4 points for an adult cat, and 6 for a fat cat.

But the elaborate scoring system doesn't end there – you also get awarded for flair (blind luck), earning different points for landing your cat in a box, up on a pedestal or clinging to a ladder.

Our favourite feature of Cat-apult? You can re-arrange the cat towers to make it even more challenging and create entirely new games:

  • Build the tallest tower you can, then compete to fling your cat up on top of it
  • Create a small tower for each team member then let the feline siege begin! Last tower standing wins
  • Cat Bingo! Make a horizontal tower and try to land a cat in each box. First player to fill their tower wins

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  • "Instructions all in another language. But a great laugh "
    Charlotte - 27th of June, 2018