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Cat USB Flash Drive
  • Cat USB Flash Drive

Cat USB Flash Drive

Your good luck charm

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    holding the USB Flash Drive Cat

    Cute cat

    They say it’s bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. But if it’s a Cat USB Flash Drive it might just be coming to the rescue. Because this handy cat-shaped memory stick will safely store up to 4GB of your important data. Documents, reports, photos, meowsic... the lot.

    The Cat USB Flash Drive is fashioned from tactile, water resistant silicone. And although we don’t recommend chucking it in the bath, a few raindrops shouldn’t do any harm. It even has little holes so you can attach it to keyrings, handbags and…er, pet collars.

    Colours available

    Three colours available (L-R): Black, Purple and White

    Unlike many novelty USB sticks, you won’t lose the protective cap of your new best friend because the sciencey metal bit is revealed by flipping the head back, Pez dispenser style. Indeed, popping things in your port has never been so entertaining!

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