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Cat Scratch Laptop
  • Cat Scratch Laptop
  • Cat Scratch Laptop
  • Cat Scratch Laptop
  • Cat Scratch Laptop

Cat Scratch Laptop

Totally Claw-some

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Cat Scratch Laptop
Love it as much as we do?
  • At long last, the latest in Cattop Technology is here
  • This keyboard will satisfy your cat's natural scratching urges
  • Let them tear up the internet, not your furniture
  • Arrives fully assembled


There's nothing our feline overlords enjoy more than perching themselves atop our toasty laptops. Initially adorable, this appreciation quickly spirals into searing infuriation. Don't even get us started on their penchant for turning sofas to tatters.

Although wholly enraging - there's hope for us humans yet. The Cat Scratch Laptop will keep your tabby preoccupied and means you no longer have to waste energy screaming 'GET OFF' into your cuddly cutester's face.

Yes, the internet has finally come full circle. The fluffy critters that have long ruled Youtube and fuelled procrastination across the globe have finally got their own portable computer. Arriving fully assembled, you'll have your feline all dialled up in a jiffy.

Your kitty is going to have a field day getting its claws stuck into the scratch-pad. As for the fake mouse that comes attached - it'll probably stand on its hind legs and exclaim 'you have cat to be kitten me' in uncontrollable excitement.

Should your pet get bored of browsing the same sites day in day out (let's face it, content sure isn't what it used to be) you can always print a brand-spanking-new array of tabs and slide it inside - voila - operating system upgraded.

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  • "I think this is great, however I don't think my cat agrees - She still sits on my laptop! It's the heat that attracts them."
    Sharron - 13th of October, 2015