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Cat Play Houses

Cats of the Wild Frontier

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  • Sturdy, flat-pack construction kits
  • Available in Frontier House and Traditional Teepee non-denominational, culturally sensitive tent
  • Great for non feline friends as well (although they won't appreciate the designs as much)
  • Let your kitty live their wild colonial dreams


By this point you probably believe that your house cat has lost all of it’s wild, untamed survival instincts and settled into a life of pampered decadence.

But deep down, behind those judgemental loving eyes, your cat still dreams of the wild frontier. Of crossing the prairie, braving high mountain passes and connecting with the traditional land owners.

Of a time when cats were cats, and scratching posts didn’t come with a fur brush. When cats built real houses out of logs and other serious materials. A simpler time. A better time.

Thankfully with these easily assembled, flat-pack Cat Play Houses they can relive their dreams (without the need for actually going outside).

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