Cat Paw Massager
  • Cat Paw Massager
  • Cat Paw Massager
  • Cat Paw Massager
  • Cat Paw Massager

Cat Paw Massager

My neck, my back, my pussy and my...

Product not available at the moment.
  • Gently massage your body with the soft paddy paws of a cat
  • Just the right length to get to those hard-to-reach areas
  • Handy built-in flashlight for sinister massaging in the dark
  • Available in both Brown and Pink (shaved?)


Leave a cat alone with a soft, woolly piece of fabric and it will begin to diligently paw away at it; the feeling reminds them of their mum's tummy and they're merely trying to tease out a little sustenance from her weary teat.

We're not suggesting for one moment that kneading a human belly with the Cat Paw Massager will yield milk (our experiments have thus far proved fruitless), but we are saying that it's feels incredibly comforting and natural for everyone involved.

Just like a cat's dainty paws, these hand-held mitts are endowed with soft, rounded pads; simply press them down onto an area of your body that needs a little relief and they'll gently (but firmly) vibrate to soothe and caress your overworked muscles.

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  • "It's good but a bit annoying that it doesn't vibrate unless you hold it down. And I'm yet to think of what to use the torch for."
    Jenny - 14th of April, 2015