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Cat Party Hat
  • Cat Party Hat
  • Cat Party Hat

Cat Party Hat

It's purrr-ty time!

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Cat Party Hat
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Because cats LOVE it when you dress them up
  • The perfect birthday treat for your cat!
  • Absurdly-oversized (16.5cm!) for maximum comic effect
  • Attaches comfortably with a four-point elastic strap system
  • Inflated so it always stands up tall and proud


Is there anything better than seeing a slightly upset cat in fancy dress against their will? Finally, they're not calling the shots. Painfully aware of their pet status. Giving you the eyes while internally nursing their bruised kitty ego.

When your cat's birthday next comes around, don't waste money on a luxury pet bed they won't even use, or fatten them up with another packet of Dreamies – treat your favourite feline to their very own Cat Party Hat!

This colourful piece of headgear fits comfortably over your cats head with a four-point elastic strap system and it inflates to 16.5cm tall so it's niiiiice and comically large.

Of course you could put this hat on your dog, but dogs are loyal and well-trained creatures, eager to please. They'll probably enjoy wearing this special new hat you've put on them – and where's the fun in that?!

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