Cat Bonnet
Cat Bonnet
Cat Bonnet
Cat Bonnet
Cat Bonnet

Cat Bonnet

The Cat in the Hat
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Go full crazy cat lady (or gentleman) and dress up your cat
Bonnet is made from 100% cotton with a satin lining
One size fits most felines
Make them look like a charming milk maid from the old west
Cat's pyjamas sold separately
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As a cat owner you tend to spend most of your time bending to their every whim. The Cat Bonnet is the perfect way to remind yourself who's really in charge – whilst making your cat look ridiculously cute and absurd at the same time.

There may be some initial resistance but once you eventually get this floral bonnet on; your cat will be transformed from regular demanding house pet into reluctantly fashionable feline! Made from cotton with a luxurious satin lining – it looks like it's straight out of Little House on the Prairie.

This isn't just another piece of purr-ile fancy dress like a strap-on Unicorn horn or a Witches hat – this is a subtle reminder that you are firmly in the driving seat of your pet relationship (if you can get your cat to wear it without being scratched half to death).


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Product Features:
  • Dress up your cat in an adorable floral bonnet
  • 100% cotton bonnet with a satin lining
  • One size fits most cats
  • Box Measures approximately 10cm(W) x 23.5cm(H) x 3cm(D)