Cat - Astrophe
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  • Cat - Astrophe
  • Cat - Astrophe

Cat - Astrophe

Mad as a box of cats

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Cat - Astrophe
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  • Because all the best games are born from puns
  • How high can you stack these cats?
  • If you stack them the highest, you win!
  • It’s actually pretty difficult
  • Featuring the cutest little toy cats in the world


Some games make you wade through a veritable War-And-Peace-length tome of rules before you can even begin setting up the board. Not this one.

Cat-Astrophe has one aim: you stack the cats.

That’s it.

There’s no timer, you can take as long as you need.

They who stacks the cats the highest wins. It’s that simple. Anyone can play this. Kids and adults. Strangers and best mates. Big groups or on your own. Dumb people and clever people. People who hate games and people who love games. People who don’t speak the same language and people who do. Cat lovers get to play with tiny little adorable vinyl cats, cat haters get to see the tower inevitably topple. What’s not to love?

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