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    Science was never our strong point, but even we know what a chain reaction is. It's a process in which one of the agents necessary to the reaction is itself produced by the reaction, thus causing further similar reactions. (Yes, of course we looked it up).

    Confused? You should be, because gobbledegook like that is exactly why most sane people slept through physics lessons. If only Cat-A-Pult had been around at school, we'd have grasped the concept in a flash. That's because this truly hilarious innovation demonstrates a chain reaction better than anything we've ever seen, and that includes those ludicrously OTT domino toppling events you used to see on Record Breakers.

    Cat-A-Pult: ready for lift-off!

    Ready for lift-off!

    Basically, Cat-A-Pults are fully-adjustable, spring-loaded platforms that fire foam pussycats into the air. No, really. The idea is to position several of the colourful Cat-A-Pults around the room so that each flying feline lands on the next platform and thus triggers off another cat. And so on and so forth. The last Cat-A-Pult launches a cat at your final target - be it an upturned bin, a companion's coffee cup or the boss's bonce! Meowww!

    Cat-A-Pult: angle adjustment

    Adjust launch angle

    You design the layout of the platforms and trigger the whole crazy chain of events. The possibilities are endless, and after a bit of practice you can get seriously creative design-wise! To get the ball rolling, sorry, we mean cats flying, simply place a pussycat on the launch arm, depress it until it catches and drop another foam moggy onto the trigger plate.

    Cat-A-Pult: direction adjustment

    Adjust direction

    The impact of the dropped cat initiates the first launch and that pussy is then jettisoned towards the next target. This whole hilarious chain of events looks like something Jerry might have inflicted upon Tom if he'd borrowed a few Acme contraptions off Wile E. Coyote!

    Cat-A-Pult: flying feline

    Flying Feline

    If all this sounds completely bonkers - it is! In fact, in terms of lunacy, we'd say Cat-A-Pults is up there with some of the most mentalist thingamajigs we've ever seen. Trouble is, it's also one of the most addictive and our HQ currently resembles a feline flying circus. So for the love of Whiskas, get ordering now and deliver us from this perpetual maelstrom of mid-air moggies.

    Cat-A-Pult: Chain Reaction

    Cat-A-Pult Video

    See the Cat-A-Pult in action:

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