Cassette Tape Dispenser
  • Cassette Tape Dispenser

Cassette Tape Dispenser

A retro icon returns. Sort of...

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    Cassette Tape Dispenser

    Santa's little helpers

    Making desktop essentials look interesting isn't easy. Thankfully some trendy designer-types have raided the retro cupboard and realised that old C90 audio tapes look pretty cool. Plus they contain tape-dispensing spools. Enter the Cassette Tape Dispenser.

    Cassette Tape Dispenser

    Label your own casette

    This hard rubber 'cassette' looks just like an old tape - you know, the rubbishy, hissy things that got tangled up every time you tried fast-forwarding that top 40 countdown you'd pilfered off the radio. The difference is this oversized tribute to a flawed format dispenses sticky tape. Clever, eh?

    Cassette Tape Dispenser

    Smooth action and
    a sharp edge

    As well as displaying your love for the good old days of music, the Cassette Tape Dispenser makes a stylish addition to any desk. What's more we guarantee anyone old enough to remember DLT, Kenny Everett and Blancmange will give a knowing nod of appreciation every time they spot you yanking out a length of tape.

    Cassette Tape Dispenser

    Quality bit of office kit

    If you've already got a sticky tape dispenser it's probably one of those dull generic affairs that chews up tape almost as much as an old cassette. Not so the Cassette Tape Dispenser. This quality bit of office kit has a smooth action and a sharp edge, so you'll get the right amount of sticky stuff every time.

    Cassette Tape Dispenser

    Inside the cassette

    If you missed tapes the first time round you really didn't miss much - clunky, fiddly things that took yonks to rewind. But thanks to the Cassette Tape Dispenser you can at least celebrate the audio cassette's iconic casing in all its dual spool glory.

    Aside from buying a Pat Sharp wig and listening to old mix tapes all day, we can think of no better way to show your admiration for a long lost audio format. And you'll also have somewhere cool to put your sticky tape. So what are you waiting for? Get ordering. And remember - spools are cool!

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