Summer Sale 2018
Casio WQV-10 Colour Wrist Camera

    Casio WQV-10 Colour Wrist Camera

    The world's first colour wrist camera with colour LCD screen

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      The Casio WQV-10 Colour Wrist Camera updates one of our best-sellers with two of the most requested features – A COLOUR LCD screen to preview your images and a 2 X Zoom. Be one of the first in the country to own one...

      The WQV-10 is the latest addition to the Casio Wrist Technology line-up, which include wrist-type wearable digital cameras, mp3 players, global positioning watches and wrist remote control watches.

      It looks very much like a high-end digital watch and is more stylish and less obvious than other wrist data devices. The new 25,344-pixel colour CMOS sensor makes it possible to capture up to 100 full-colour digital images that you can download to your Windows PC in true Bond style using an infra-red receiver (not supplied). Once transferred, you can display your pictures in full color, edit/store them and e-mail them on to friends or family on the web.

      The built-in 20mm x 20mm Colour LCD panel displaying 4096 colours acts as both the viewfinder and an on-the-spot playback monitor. Obviously, the output quality isn't as good as a high-end digital camera - but for it's size, the images are very impressive. Never fails to draw a crowd when you're out on the town.

      If all this isn't enough for you its got a colour timekeeping display with a full-month calendar display (to year 2039), stopwatch to 1/10th second, 5 daily alarms, hourly time signal and 12/24-hr format selection.

      The bundle also includes:
    • WQV Link v3.0 Software (for image transfer)
    • ULead Photo Explorer 7.0 Lite (Image editing software)

    • The bundle does not include:
    • USB Infra Red Receiving Unit, this can be purchased from us separately or you can use a built-in "IrDA port" if your PC or laptop has one.
    • More detail and specification