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Casio Exilim

    Casio Exilim

    Thin's the thing

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      Digital cameras are a huge growth market and there are now thousands on the market offering a mindboggling range of features at numerous different price points. The Casio EX-S20 is easily the best we've found in the 'slip unnoticed into your pocket (with flash so you can take it on nights out) yet still manages to take high quality images' category. It's a bit of a mouthful though isn't it?

      Front and rear

      Ridiculously thin (still the thinnest camera in the world with an LCD screen) and clad in durable steel, the Casio looks great and somehow manages to cram in a mighty 2-megapixel CCD that produces images of up to 1600x1200-resolution. 10MB of internal memory hasn't put any more meat on the Exilim, either, but should you fill that a little too quickly you can always expand the Exilim's storage capacity thanks to a Secure Digital/MultiMedia memory card slot.

      Best Shot screen

      Also included is the de rigeur movie mode that pumps out 30-second clips at an impressive 320x240-pixel resolution and 4x digital zoom should you need to take a shot of someone without getting too close. It's not as if you're a stalker is it? It's just that pesky restraining order that prohibits you being within 100 metres of your subject.

      Rear view

      Rounding off the features list is a USB docking cradle, making image transfer an absolute cinch and neatly topping up the battery level into the bargain. Then there's the Best Shot mode, a selection of presets that automatically set up aperture, shutter speed and the like for particular conditions. Not to mention the super-bright, high contrast 1.6-inch TFT LCD viewfinder that makes lining up the perfect shot an absolute breeze.

      Exilim in hand

      So, while the Exilim's waif-like measurements may make it eminently pocketable and you certainly can't fault the comprehensive features list, should we really be encouraging the worrying precedent this camera sets? Do we really want to see a glut of these overtly miniature marvels with more features than you can shake a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery at? Err, well if it means a true 2-megapixels in a camera only a little larger than a credit card, then the answer is a resounding yes.

      Sample Video (shot with the Casio Exilim)

      Streethawk Junior
      Minibike Madness!

      2.5MB WMV

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