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Casio EX-S100
  • Casio EX-S100

Casio EX-S100

Slim? It's a lean, mean photograph-taking machine!

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    £50 Off! When it comes to digital cameras it's not always enough to have the smallest; some people have to have the best, too. With this in mind, may we introduce the jaw-droppingly impressive Casio EX-S100.

    We'll come to the 'best' claims later, but as far as dimensions go, this incredibly compact new 3.2 megapixel offering from Casio is so small it is being referred to by certain people in the know (and we include ourselves in this elite bunch) as a card, not a camera. In fact, the beautifully built EX-S100 is the world's smallest optical zoom-equipped digital camera. Stick that in your pocket and, er, take pictures with it!

    Casio EX-S100 But how in the name of Bailey have Casio managed to make this feature-packed wonder-wafer so diminutive? The secret, dear snappers, lies in the EX-S100's clear ceramic lens. As well as possessing a higher refractive index than glass or plastic, ceramic lenses are thinner and stronger, giving you more lens in less space.

    Speaking of cramming a lot into a little, the EX-S100 boasts a 2.8x optical/4x digital zoom, a 2" LCD screen/viewfinder, 9.3MB of internal memory plus an SD card slot, USB connectivity, a built-in flash with red-eye reduction and a rechargeable battery. Add to this dumdum-proof software and a smart docking cradle and you're looking at one helluva powerful package.

    Casio EX-S100

    Casio EX-S100 As if all this were not enough, the EX-S100 features a 'Best Shot Mode' to provide optimum camera setups in an instant. Simply select the sample scene similar to the image you want to capture and all of the settings are configured accordingly. There are 23 sample scenes built in, or you can custom build your own. Just think, no more faffing around with pesky settings when you're in a rush to take the perfect piccy.

    Casio EX-S100 As well as pouring ice down the pants of other slimcams in terms of technology, the EX-S100 is also a bit of a stunner in the looks department. Gleaming stainless steel casing and sexy styling propel the EX-S100 into genuine 'my camera dumps all over yours' territory. And let's face it, in the ongoing battle of gadget one-upmanship, looks do matter.

    Hot Product - As for this sleek slice of digital magic being the best camera of its kind, we honestly think it is. And just like a camera, we never lie. So there!

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