Casagami Solar Light House
  • Casagami Solar Light House
  • Casagami Solar Light House
  • Casagami Solar Light House
  • Casagami Solar Light House

Casagami Solar Light House

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  • Build the perfect glowing window display or night-light
  • Folded neatly into an envelope, it's the perfect flat-packed gift
  • Enjoy a whimsical foray into the world of solar energy
  • Authentic and homely fire-place glow (from an Orange LED)
  • Provides five hours of soothing illumination on a single charge
  • Pre-cut and pre-folded, primed and ready to be assembled


Conscious of soaring house prices? Not sure about getting that expensive solar panelling on your roof? Looking for a miniature and whimsical night light? The Casagami Solar Light House solves all three of these problems.

Made from recycled cardboard and neatly packaged in it's own little envelope, this dinky flat-packed dwelling is pre-cut, pre-folded and ready to roll. It's dead easy to assemble and even more fun to decorate.

Just pop it on a sunny window ledge to charge the built-in solar panel and then when night falls, flick the switch and the orange LED concealed within will provide up to five hours of sweet soothing illumination. A homely fire-place glow for your shadowy bedside.

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4 Reviews

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  • "This is super cute, nothing fancy by all means but if you want something quirky to fill a space somewhere, then this is it :)."
    Ashley - 16th of August, 2016
  • "The warm fuzzy glow is the perfect addition to my evening and it's a great project to make it as well."
    G-zilla - 10th of August, 2016
  • "Amazing it's so cute and easy to put together in great condition."
    Tasha - 22nd of January, 2016
  • "Bought as a gift. Nearly didn't give it her as I wanted to put it together myself. Looks ace!"
    Wallace - 15th of April, 2015