Carve Your Own Message
  • Carve Your Own Message

Carve Your Own Message

Remember the days of the old schoolyard?

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    Carve Your Own Message

    You can use a key to
    carve with!

    Telling someone special how you feel about them isn't easy. Yes, you can put a rose between your teeth and swing into their office dressed as Tarzan but that's a bit OTT, especially if you're the CEO. That's why Carve Your Own Message is such a spiffing concept.

    Simply carve your musings onto this postcard-sized slice of cedar wood and deliver it to the object of your affection. If you're a proper scaredy-cat you can even bung a stamp on it and pop it in the post (although you'll need to use a pen for the address, as postie might be unable to decipher your child-like scrawl). Genius!

    Carve Your Own Message
    Carve Your Own Message makes all that carving hearts on a tree business look terribly outdated but it still has an adorably quaint feel that paper and pen simply can't compete with. Besides, being told off by the park keeper for defacing an ancient oak can be highly embarrassing when you're thirty.

    Carve Your Own Message

    Stylish packaging

    Speaking of old-school lurve, we reckon carving initials in an arrow-skewered heart still looks pretty effective. But as long as you take your time anything's possible. And because Carve Your Own Message is fashioned from cedar wood, scoring it with a sharpish implement (such as a key) is relatively easy. Well, it's easier than walking up to some babe/hunk in accounts and blurting out that you love 'em.

    We honestly haven't seen a block of wood this romantic since we watched Leonardo Di Caprio wooing Kate Winslet in Titanic. It really is a beautifully simple idea. So don't just say it, carve it

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