Carrera Mario Kart Set
  • Carrera Mario Kart Set

Carrera Mario Kart Set

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    Wario... up and close!

    Most plumbers aren’t renowned for their reliability. Then again most tap-twiddlers don’t race around the Mushroom Kingdom dodging spiny shells. Sadly shenanigans like that have always been confined to virtual worlds. At least they were, because now Mario fans can race for real with the Carrera Mario Kart Set.

    Just as thrilling as its pixellated partner in silliness, this high quality slot-racing game features die-cast 1:43 scale versions of Mario’s Kart and Wario’s Brute (both fitted with double contact brushes), 6.2m of twisty-turny track with banking, overhead sections and a chicane, plus handheld controllers with turbo boost. Mario minus a joystick? Whatever next!

    Fully licensed by Nintendo, this wacky addition to the Mario marque is as daft as it is enthralling, and we guarantee everyone who sees it in action will be grappling for a go. Addictive? You’ll be growing a moustache and adopting an unconvincing Italian accent in no time. Bellissimo!

    The race track and cars

    The track and karts

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