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Carrera Evolution Pro X
  • Carrera Evolution Pro X

Carrera Evolution Pro X

If only real F1 was this exciting!

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    With so many young guns bursting onto the F1 scene we thought it was high time we introduced one of our own. Carrera Pro X Evolution can't conduct mind-numbingly dull interviews, squeeze into a tiny cockpit or pull a supermodel, but it can provide hours of high-octane racing fun. That's because this state-of-the-art digital slot racing system is so realistic you can almost smell the burning rubber and overpriced hot dogs.

    Carrera Evolution Pro X Unlike old-style slot racing games, Carrera Pro X Evolution is fully digital. This means you control the actual car, not the slot it's sitting in. And thanks to special overtaking sections drivers can experience the thrill of high-speed, wheel-to-wheel overtaking. Simply press the button on your sleek pistol-grip controller and the car will shift into the opposite lane.

    Carrera Evolution Pro X Just like real racing timing is everything and there's a thin line between pulling-off manoeuvres of Mansell-esque magnificence and making a right Takuma Sato out of yourself.

    Best of all, digital technology means that up to four drivers can race simultaneously on one track, in the same slot, so you can slipstream, bump, brake-test and harry rival drivers all the way to the chequered flag. To paraphrase Murray Walker, you'll be shedding buckets of adrenalin!

    Carrera Evolution Pro X The ultra-detailed F1 cars (this set includes a Ferrari and a McLaren) go like the proverbial clappers and once you get the hang of the ultra-responsive controllers you'll be rocketing around the racetrack faster than you can say "Karthikeyan's just overtaken Barrichello on the Curva del Serragilio" - a lot faster! Speaking of the actual cars, each individually coded Pro X vehicle is fitted with special guide keels and side suspension allowing you to attack hairpins like Hakkinen and apexes like Alonso. Thrilling? This is overall-wetting stuff!

    Carrera Pro X Evolution is fully expandable and there are truckloads of accessories to make your setup even more realistic: from additional track sections and programmable training cars to pit lanes and lap counters. You could end up with a complete F1 circus in your sitting room! In fact, with Carrera Pro X Evolution you won't want to waste Sundays watching a predictable procession punctuated by dull analyszzzz when you can spend every day racing your mates in your very own F1 car! So stop stalling. Go! Go! Go!

    Carrera Evolution Pro X

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