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Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila

Desert Dessert

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  • Forget everything you know about Tequila
  • Infused with a warming salted caramel flavour
  • Sweet, salty and incredibly smooth
  • Delicious mixed into cocktails or served over ice
  • Too good to slam
Remember the last time you drank Tequila? No, not a tasty Margarita – just a shot of Tequila. Did you enjoy it? We're going to take a punt and say 'no'.

As the name suggests, Carnival Salted Caramel Tequila replaces the usual sense of dread with a sense of fun and festivity – it's the drink to subvert your typical Tequila expectations.

Sweet, salty, with a warming caramel flavour. It's delicious mixed into cocktail or served chilled over ice – Carnival goes down very smooth indeed.
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