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Carerra RC Wave Boat
  • Carerra RC Wave Boat

Carerra RC Wave Boat

Take to the water

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    Strap on a life vest and hold onto your lunch. We’re taking to the water with the Carerra R/C Wave Boat. With two engines and an automatic gearing system, the Carrerra is certainly quick off the mark. And thanks to its long, lightweight hull it’ll slice through the water like a greased barracuda.

    Thankfully, those two powerful engines have a water sensor underneath them. So if you happen to lift the Carerra out, they’ll immediately switch off. What’s more, if the boat moves beyond the range of the remote control it’ll automatically turn around and head back until it picks up the signal again. So no need to go wading into the duck pond to get it back.

    With a nippy top speed of 30kph it’s no tramp steamer, but thankfully the responsive remote gives you complete control. And there’s no need to worry if you’re left-handed. The remote lets you switch between left and right-handed modes in an instant. Or port and starboard-handed, to use the correct terms.

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