Cardboard Smartphone Speaker

A portable speaker like none other

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  • Compatible with any Smartphone, MP3 player or laptop
  • Over 30 hours high quality sound playback
  • Battery powered so all crippling charging anxiety is ruled out
  • Made from rugged cardboard printed to look like an amp
  • Sister of the renowned Smartphone Projector
  • Lightweight, compact and dashingly portable
One too many times have you been musically trumped by chavs on the train. Show your fellow commuters who’s boss. Blast your tunes on the go with this portable Cardboard Smartphone Speaker. Do also remember to stick to TFL’s Conditions of Carriage.

Sister to the renowned Smartphone Projector, this nifty little cardboard speaker boasts not only dizzyingly impressive sound quality, it’s also got up to 30 hours playback while remaining ultra lightweight and compact.

Compatible with any Smartphone, MP3 player or laptop, the speaker also happens to be shaped like an amp. Obviously upping cool points by tens of thousands.

What’s more - it’s battery powered meaning you never have to worry about charging it - just stick some batteries in your bag and you’re away.

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