Summer Shop 2018
Cardboard Rocket
  • Cardboard Rocket

Cardboard Rocket

Am I living in a box

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  • Children definitely prefer cardboard boxes to actual stuff
  • Give them the gift they've always yearned for
  • Simple to put up, ready to be painted and decorated
  • Made from environmentally friendly cardboard


Bacon and eggs. Gin and tonic. Tango and Cash. Children and cardboard boxes. They all just get along so well.

No one is precisely sure why, but children have an affinity, an affection, an unbridled excitement for cardboard boxes – the lavish gifts contained within them often immediately cast aside like yesterday's news. In their eyes these are not mere containers, these boxes are vast castles, caverns of wonder, seafaring pirate vessels, rocket ships!

Wonderfully simple to put up and with doors and windows already cut, this is your chance to give them the gift they've always desired – this sturdy and spacious Cardboard Rocket.

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