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Cardboard Birdhouse
  • Cardboard Birdhouse

Cardboard Birdhouse

I’m a-livin’ in a box...

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    Simple and quick assembly – no need for glue and scissors

    Housing birds in your garden can be a tricky business – creating the perfect place to nest is a balance of the right location, the right height from the ground and the right-sized box. But also just as important is how your birdhouse looks! Too bland and it could be missed. Too garish and it could be ignored. That’s where the Cardboard Birdhouse comes in...

    Ideally suited to the trial-and-error method (perfect for the amateur twitchers out there), this easy-to-assemble cardboard box can be set up anywhere in the garden. Not getting any interest in one spot? Move it to another. Or better still, place several around your garden – the inexpensive design will let you try again and again without having to remortgage your own home.


    Contains everything you need to make two birdhouses

    It’s also great for getting kids into bird-watching. Set them decorating the cardboard design with their pens, pencils and paints; and find out which are the best colours and patterns for attracting nesting birds. Do they like camo-colours, sky-blue or princess-pink?

    The Cardboard Birdhouse is water-resistant so it’ll withstand most weather conditions. Plus, it comes with a length of dowel for visiting birds to perch on and peer in. Well, you wouldn’t expect them to move in without a couple of viewings.

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