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Self-contained eco-friendly freedom fighter

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    We all know that kids love playing with boxes as much as the goodies inside them. And let's be honest, we're all kids at heart. With these two undeniable facts in mind, British designer Mark James has created CardBoy, an über-cool collectable crimefighter-cum-art toy whose stylish cardboard packaging is an integral part of his body.

    CardBoy 'But what in tarnation is CardBoy?' we hear you ask. Well, imagine if R2D2 fell into a burger box-making machine in South Park and met a cool Japanese graphic artist en route and you're halfway there. Yes, we know it all sounds incredibly strange but CardBoy is totally unique, and urban toy fans around the globe are going nuts over this fashionable little cardboard crusader.


    Part vinyl and part cardboard, CardBoy's funky box packaging collapses flat when opened and turns inside-out to form his head. The original box contains CardBoy's vinyl body and clip-on ears/horns//unfathomable appendages, depending on the version sent.

    CardBoy Just like Qees (another series of highly collectable art figures) each 3.5" CardBoy is blind boxed, so you don't know which 'costume' yours will be wearing until he arrives. Quite honestly, if CardBoy was any more cutting edge you'd need gloves to assemble him.

    CardBoy Who'd have thought a cardboard critter could ever become such a must-have item? Then again, when cardboard was first produced commercially, it was made to soak up the sweat in hat rims. Ironic, as the makers of CardBoy tell us he's been busy fighting crime in Cardboard City - except when it's raining!

    CardBoy Soggy superheroes aside, we fully expect CardBoy to become the cool collectable of choice amongst toy fashionistas everywhere. There are currently 8 CardBoy designs waiting to be snapped up, but more are on the way. No doubt about it, this box rocks and the CardBoy craze cometh! All hail the cardboard crusader before it's too late!


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