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Card Shuffler

    Card Shuffler

    Turns the dining table into Dunes

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      The League of Gentlemen illustrated how crucial it is to know the rules of any card game in their painfully accurate 'Go Johnny Go Go Go-Go' sketch. But equally important in terms of proving one's cards mettle and savvy is the ability to shuffle. Fumble-fingered finks can hide their inadequacies with the Card Shuffler. And even if you'd give a Vegas sharp a run for his money in the handling stakes, this nifty device adds a touch of welcome authenticity to any card table.

      Operating the Card Shuffler is child's play. Cut your cards in two and place each half-pile in one of the two outer sections. If you're playing a game using two decks, this is no problem for the Shuffler; it was designed to cope with 104 cards. Simply by pushing a button, the cards are whizzed into the central compartment, from where a well-mixed deck (or two) is easily extracted. No corner bending, no flipped-over cards and defintely no spillage.

      For times demanding a little formality and card ettiquette - namely those when money is involved and/or when effort has been put into making a top notch card night - the Card Shuffler is icing on the cake. Used after some (however tentative) manual shuffling, the Card Shuffler ensures parity and professionalism. Now all they need do is invent something that guarantees a win now and then...

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