Card Dashing
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  • Card Dashing
  • Card Dashing
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Card Dashing

This isn’t a game, this is real(ity)

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Card Dashing
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Can you keep up?
  • Snap just got a serious upgrade
  • Match the faces of your favourite reality TV family
  • Clear your cards the fastest and be crowned Kardashian queen
  • Includes everyone from Kylie to Caitlyn


Snap has never been so dramatic, so sensational, so chic… until now!

Don’t match boring sh*t like pictures of food or cute little animals, pair up the Kardashians! It’s so easy, even Kim could master it. Just shuffle the cards and deal them face down to each player. Place the first card in the centre for everyone to see, then let everyone reveal their top card. If yours is a match for the lady in the centre, put it down on the pile.

The first to get rid of their deck of cards shall hereby be known as the Queen of the Kardashians - at least until the next round, which will begin approximately 30 seconds after the first because this game is just too fun to resist!

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