Carbotec 100 Table Tennis Bat
  • Carbotec 100 Table Tennis Bat

Carbotec 100 Table Tennis Bat

More power to your paddle

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    Regulation size bat

    If there is a games room in the Batcave (and we’re confident there is) there is a ping pong table with a Carbotec 100 Carbon Fibre Table Tennis Bat resting on it.

    The ultimate in ping pong paddles; this award winning piece of kit is made from carbon fibre, making it extremely lightweight, durable and waterproof. What does this mean for your game? Improved response time, for one. But also greater resistance on contact with the ball, thanks to the advanced rubber material on the pad itself.

    Of course, we haven’t mentioned the psychological advantage over your opponent. Imagine their face when you arrive at the table with the ping pong equivalent of a ninja in your mitts. Indeed, armed with this terrifying piece of equipment you could even handle Batman’s returns.

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