Carbon Gold
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Carbon Gold

It’s easy being green

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    From the chaps behind Green and Blacks Chocolate and The Carbon Neutral Company, Carbon Gold lets you do your bit for the environment and turbo charge your greenery at the same time.

    What is biochar? Use with your regular soil Boost your gardens blooming

    Made from 90% carbon solids

    Enrich your soil for generations

    Do your bit for the environment

    Used in your garden, this high-grade charcoal (called biochar) increases the productivity of your soil – retaining moisture, reducing nutrient leaching and locking in carbon dioxide. It’s a great way to ensure your soil stays rich and fertile, while minimising carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

    What’s more, Carbon Gold is incredibly resistant to decomposition . So much so, that if you used the tube (1kg) on one square metre of soil in your garden you would never need to fertilise that patch again! So not only will it boost your blooms this Summer, but it’ll continue to enrich your soil for generations to come!

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