Carbon Fibre Style iPad Case
  • Carbon Fibre Style iPad Case

Carbon Fibre Style iPad Case

The clue’s in the name

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    Folding back the case to make an ideal typing platform

    Fold back the cover to make a comfortable typing platform

    The iPad is so jaw-droppingly impressive it has been known to reduce grown men to tears, especially if they’ve been forced to flog their signed Jonathan Ives photos to buy one. So why bankrupt yourself spending silly money on a case? Why indeed because the supermodel slim Carbon Fibre Style iPad Case costs less than twenty quid.

    Slotting in the iPad The Carbon Fibre material casing Inside Khaki coloured material

    Just slot in your iPad

    Looks just like Carbon Fibre

    Khaki coloured inside

    Thanks to its black carbon fibre effect exterior, contrasting interior and easy slip-in design, this stylish case offers security and accessibility at a forehead-slappingly low price. Obligatory cut-out sections allow easy access to all ports, switches and speakers, and it also converts into a stand so you can gawp at that gorgeous screen at the perfect angle whilst typing/stroking its sexy contours with both hands. Ooh, Jonathan!

    Edge view of the Carbon Fibre Style iPad Case

    Extremely slim

    Yes, you could always hit the road with a naked, unprotected iPad but that would be like turning up to work without your pants on and…oh no, not again!

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