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Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey
  • Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey

Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey

Hey, hey, it's the monkey

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    We've seen monkeys doing some daft things over the years - from making tea to roughing up Charlton Heston. But we can't say we've ever seen one parachuting. Until now.

    Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey


    Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey. This simian superhero is madder than a box of mad frogs from madville, but you'll go absolutely ape over him as he laughs in the face of danger and goes 'oo-oo-aa-aa' at high risk situations. Well he doesn't but we're sure he would if he could.

    Undoubtedly one of the silliest playthings in the history of silly playthings, Cap'n Danger is, as you can see, a parachuting primate in a blue boiler suit. Chuck him in the air or drop him from a window and his big nylon parachute billows open, allowing him to safely descend towards terra firma. See, we said it was silly.

    Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey

    Grins in the face of danger

    If you're over a certain age, you probably remember playing with something similar to Cap'n Danger when you were a kid - a little plastic soldier with a scrunch-up polythene parachute. Well, this no-nonsense Stunt Monkey is a distinct improvement. Because as well as his big 26" nylon chute, Cap'n Danger has a tangle resistant harness, so marmalised monkey is most definitely off the menu when this fella comes a falling.

    Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey
    Whether you're hurling him skywards or dropping him from the office window, Cap'n Danger is guaranteed to draw gasps of delight as he drifts down to earth. Just imagine the look on the boss's face when he/she sees a grinning ape parachuting past the window - 'no, it couldn't be…'

    Cap'n Danger Stunt Monkey
    Once you get your mitts on this mental monkey we guarantee you'll be unable to resist a quick throw every time you see him sitting on the edge of your desk. After all, danger is his middle name - quite literally. So get ordering before it starts raining monkeys all over the world. Have no fear, Cap'n Danger is here!

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