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Canny Ashtray

    Canny Ashtray

    Smokers have never had it so good

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      Smokers are often faced with something of a quandary when it comes to removing pesky ash from the tips of their carcinogenic tubes of joy. The lack of an ashtray rarely comes between the nicotine dependant and his or her fix and there are only three realistic choices when lacking a dedicated cigarette receptacle:
      1. The floor: For the lazy, uninventive smoker. The floor represents the path of least resistance for spent tobacco and, as such, is one of the most favoured ashtray substitutes known to man. Tragically, it's also one of the most destructive, as hot ash can do considerable damage to quality carpet.
      2. The hand: A classic. Favoured by the maverick smoker with a devil-may-care attitude to his appearance. The use of the hand marks a smoker out as a man not to be trifled with in his quest for a hit of nicotine. Get in his way and he's liable to stub a cigarette out in your eye.
      3. Containers/packets: Both containers and packets represent the biggest challenge a smoker can face when parking his ash. Careful analysis is necessary to determine the combustibility of the budding ashtray and constant monitoring is required throughout the smoke to ensure the whole thing doesn't turn into a noxious inferno.
      Thankfully, there's now a halfway house between the dour traditional ashtray and the makeshift ash container in the shape of the Canny Ashtray. Find yourself caught short without somewhere to flick your ash? No problem. Simply pull the Canny's ringpull and remove the lid.

      Before you know it, you've got a capacious pie tin's worth of discarded butt space to play with and you get the pint-glass-full-of-tabs thrill you'll never get from a normal ashtray. A glorious combination of form and function. A triumph of cutting-edge design over traditional styling. A veritable ashtray epiphany.

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