Food & Drink January Sale

Canned Dragon Meat

A flame-grilled delicacy

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  • Sample the most sought-after meat in the entire kingdom
  • Freshly slain!
  • A little like corned beef, only infused with fire and magic
  • Pre-cooked so you can enjoy this mythical meat hot or cold
  • 100% of your RDA - Recommended Dragon Allowance
Whether you're an heroic knight or a lowly serf, we think that you deserve to taste the finest delicacy in all the land – Canned Dragon Meat.

Those chaotic, fire-breathing days are but a distant memory, as these once-feared beasts have now been mercilessly slain for your dining pleasure. Some comment that the flavour is reminiscent of corned beef, only infused with a little magic and wonder. Others say it's more like turkey but with a fiery kick, we'll let you make up your own mind.

This prime and tender cut of mythical meat has been pre-cooked so it can be re-heated or enjoyed straight out of the can. Though it hasn't been de-scaled or de-horned so watch your teeth.

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