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Candy Grabber

I fought the claw and the claw's fun!

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    Right a bit, down a bit

    Here at Firebox we love funfairs. Sadly they're not quite what they used to be. These days a trip to the fairground involves a muddy slog around local wasteland littered with rickety rides manned by chariot-twirling wideboys doing their darndest to make punters heave. Add to this the heady aroma of fried onions, cremated candy floss and raw diesel and you're looking at a great day out. Not!

    Maybe we're reminiscing with rose-tinted glasses, but we remember when fairs were all about colourful carousels, whimsical steam organs and blokes with wax moustaches flogging miracle hair elixir. Or maybe we've been watching too many ancient Dick Van Dyke movies.

    Use special coins to play

    The point is, retro-fairgrounds rule. And no funfair would be complete without a good old fashioned Candy Grabber. And it's with this very thought in mind that we ask you to roll up, roll up and feast your eyes upon this gorgeous model.

    Yes siree, giving your home or office a hint of Coney Island chic is easy with our fantabulous Candy Grabber because it's every bit as entertaining as the one you fed with 5ps as a kid. Simply fill it with your favourite grabbable treats, drop in a coin or token and attempt to capture your prize before the whimsical music stops.


    Use the controls to
    guide the grabber

    The Candy Grabber is just as infuriatingly addictive as you remember and the one-more-go factor is totally off the scale. The difference is you won't have to keep begging your mum for more change - you can play with this Candy Grabber forever. Although this updated version boasts three gleaming joysticks the cumbersome claw still requires some seriously dexterous manoeuvering, and mastering the whole picking up/dropping off process is almost as difficult as knitting candy floss wearing boxing gloves.

    The Candy Grabber is brilliant at shindigs as everyone will want to try their luck, especially if the treats inside are worth a good old grab. You can put almost anything in there (within reason) and if your guests choose to use coins you might even make a few quid. So step right up and grab yours today.

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