Candy Building Bricks
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Candy Building Bricks

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    scale building

    Three different sizes to build with

    Fairytales are funny things. We never really look at the details too closely. I mean, you’d have to be pretty crazy to waltz through a wolf infested forest in just a hoody, and if seven guys of any stature kept a drugged-up princess in their house they’d be arrested before you could say ‘bears don’t eat porridge’.

    Which is why these Candy Building Blocks make so much sense; after all, the famous gingerbread house would’ve needed some pretty solid foundations. Especially once a hungry Hansel and Gretel showed up and started munching on all the decorative icing sugar and weight bearing chocolate logs.

    play with your food

    Perfect for sweet-toothed brick fans

    OK, so maybe you’re not a cannibalistic witch looking to build an extension on your candy-house in the forest, but even the Brothers Grimm would agree that these delicious LEGO-like pieces make terrific party accessories, delicious naturally flavoured treats and blocktastic contest prizes.

    Get building, sweet-tooth.
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