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Candle Bags
  • Candle Bags

Candle Bags

Instant ambience? It’s in the bag!

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    Candle Bags

    More impressive at night...

    We’re forever being told that bags are bad news. And leaving them on paths is punishable by tutting. But not any more because Candle Bags are here to add an enchanting glow to your evening soirees.

    Made of flame-retardant biodegradable paper with perforated designs, Candle Bags look pretty innocuous in daylight. But wait until nightfall, pop a tealight inside and they come to life, glowing and shimmering like little bags of magic.

    Tealight inside the Candle Bags Star design Candle Bags Firework design Candle Bags

    One small tealight will create an amazing effect!

    Stars design

    Fireworks design

    Ideal for weddings, birthdays, festivals or any other outdoor do, eco-friendly Candle Bags can be used to line pathways, highlight water features, illuminate dining areas and much more. Best of all you can use them again and again. And unlike regular lanterns you won’t need to make room for them in the shed – just fold them flat and put them in a drawer.

    Gorgeously effective in any night time scenario, these glowing paper receptacles are set to stun wherever you choose to place them. Instant ambience? It’s in the bag!

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