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Camper Van Birdhouse
  • Camper Van Birdhouse

Camper Van Birdhouse

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    A birdhouse in the hand is worth two in a tree?

    Going camping this summer? No of course not. What a grubby way to spend a holiday. Pootling around in a camper van, on the other hand, well now you’re talking! Getting back to nature; sleeping under the stars; cosying up in the back; feeling the wind in your toes; that’s our kind of summer.

    Well we have it on good authority that birds feel just the same. Just hook up the Camper Van Birdhouse and you’ll see what we mean. Made from cast resin and finished by hand, it’s a great addition to any bird lover’s back garden.

    close up

    Finished lovingly by hand

    String it up in a tree (or high-rise balcony) and feathered friends will flock to claim a ride in this iconic wagon. With a small window on the world, but plenty of space inside, it’s perfect for small varieties of garden birds with big family plans. Or even for city birds looking for a weekend bolt hole. It’s all about the minibreaks these days.

    Robust and wipe-clean, the Camper Van Birdhouse will weather all seasons. And there’s even a removable bung in the base for tidying up after messy passengers. Just don't start singing that godawful Cliff Richard song...

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