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Camera Lens Shot Glasses

The perfect shot

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  • Ridiculously detailed and lifelike
  • Ideal for drinking and shooting
  • Small but mighty! (generous 50ml measures)
  • Great for storing small things like sd cards, human teeth etc.
Whether you're using a camera with an expensive lens the length of your arm or just your humble mobile phone, you're always striving for that perfect shot.

Well. Take it from us, unless you've got the professional eye of a seasoned paparazzo, you'll probably never take particularly good photos. The truth hurts.

Which is why you need to responsibly drown your sorrows with these miniature Camera Lens Shot Glasses. Made from chunky opaque glass, these highly detailed and generously sized shots are perfect for syrupy measures of snappy Schnapps or your afternoon espresso.

They're also fantastic for storing small things like sd cards, paper clips, human teeth etc.

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  • "Very highly detailed, didn't expect them to be glass for the price I paid but they were which was a plus! Great item."
    Charlie - 29th of July, 2015