Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world
  • Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world
  • Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world
  • Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world
  • Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world

Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world

Keep calm and read this book

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  • Aaaand breathe
  • Increase focus, productivity and tranquility
  • Quell the relentless squabbles of modern life
  • A practical and pleasurable guide to 21st century mindfulness
  • Contains simple life changing tools, tricks and habits
  • Beautiful illustrations a’plenty to help unleash your creativity


Oh modern life, you’re a troublesome little tinker aren’t you. Ripe with stress - from delayed trains to swarms of emails, the before bedtime tiffs of your spawn - not to mention the cutthroat world of SEO and content management. Yikes. It’s hard out here and it’s often near impossible to find a moments peace. The question on many of your lips is likely, ‘tranquility, where art thou?’ Well, you’re in ruddy luck. Because seated gleefully upon our lips is the answer: Calm.

It’s official. This book is a necessity for any 21st century being. Who decided that? We did. And some other important book types, such as some folk who go by the name of Penguin or something. Sounds like a dodgy cult to us. All suspicious antics aside, this spectacular piece of literature will show you how to achieve peace, calm and health amidst your frenzied lifestyle.

Inside you’ll find simple tools, tricks and habits that will quite literally change your life. Dust off your pause button, things are about to get mighty serene. A terrific concoction of fascinating neurological research, wisdom from history’s greatest thinkers and real-life experiences from across the globe - ‘Calm’ shows you how to be mindful without sacrificing any of your day-to-day demands.

Join the calm revolution.

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "The book is really inviting, beautifully made. Not tat. Can't wait to light some candles, play whales chatting and have a read!"
    Melissa - 21st of July, 2015
  • "Good book to have on the bedside table."
    Sarah - 11th of July, 2015
  • "I love it! So many wonderful things to read, it really is a lovely book."
    Kristen - 15th of May, 2015