Calf and Half Jug
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Calf and Half Jug

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    Calf and Half Jug

    That's a bit fancy!

    Milk's a mystery. We've often wondered who decided to actually climb underneath a cow for the first time and start squeezing. Having consulted the historians over at the Firebox Repository of Useless Dairy Factoids, it seems no-one really knows.

    But who cares? Milk is part of life and pouring it is something we do every day. But pouring straight from the carton is dull and, dare we say it, ever-so-slightly common. Especially when you've got company. That's why you need the ingenious Calf and Half milk jug.

    Calf and Half Jug


    At first glance this amusingly quirky vessel looks like a regular glass jug. But take a closer look and you'll notice it features an internal chamber shaped like a cow's udder. No bull, it's brilliant!

    Hand-crafted from double-walled glass and presented in a smart gift box, the Calf and Half jug holds up to 150ml of milk/cream, so it's ideal for after dinner coffee, dessert or afternoon tea. And assuming you're not a fan of mega-soggy cereal, you can even use it to splash your cornflakes.

    Calf and Half Jug


    Guaranteed to put you in a good mooooood, even if you have to put up with second-rate cow puns all morning, the Calf and Half jug will put a smile on your face the second you clap eyes on it. Don't ask why; like door knockers, Richard Madeley and Paul Danan, udders are funny for no particular reason.

    As well as reminding you where milk really comes from (no, not the corner shop), this playful pitcher makes a highly original pressie for anyone who drinks milk. And in these days of semi-skimmed, full-fat, soya, condensed and even rice milk, that must surely mean you. Mooooooo!

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