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Cafflano Kompact

See ya later Aeropress!

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Your own portable Barista
  • Enjoy full-flavoured coffee wherever you are
  • Unique bellows design makes it really easy to use
  • Portable, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Super simple to rinse out, it's even dishwasher safe
  • Never endure a bitter, watery coffee again


How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? Two? Three? More? Unless you're lucky enough to own an expensive coffee machine we'd wager that you've become numb to the taste of dreadful coffee.

Thanks to the Cafflano Kompact you can now make incredible tasting coffee, easily and conveniently, every day.

Just pour in your coffee grounds, add hot water and close the lid. Once you've left it to brew for a couple of minutes just give it a gentle squeeze over your favourite mug – the unique telescopic bellows design means that, unlike most hand-powered coffee makers, you don't need to overexert yourself.
  • No more flavourless brown water
  • No bitter taste of coffee grounds
  • No paper filters or foil pods
When was the last time you tasted a really good coffee at home? Work? Pret a Manger? Treat yourself and make great coffee anywhere with the Cafflano Kompact.

PS. If you're of the Cold Brew coffee persuasion; just fill the Cafflano with coffee grounds and water, then seal it with the airtight cap and pop it in the fridge overnight. Easy.

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