Cactus Terrarium
  • Cactus Terrarium
  • Cactus Terrarium
  • Cactus Terrarium
  • Cactus Terrarium
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Cactus Terrarium

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Cactus Terrarium
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  • Level up your cacti
  • Make them grow faster than their natural glacial pace
  • Cactus-shaped terrarium creates the perfect environment for ‘em
  • Instantly make your windowsill more Insta-worthy
  • Comes with a nice pot as well, what a lovely touch


Sadly the reality of most succulents is far from the two-armed, gloriously green, stereotypical Mexican desert cacti you get in the movies. But you can still dream, with a little help from our Cactus Planter!

Turn your sad shrubs into a modern work of art and give them a positive growing role model. It couldn’t be easier, just rehome them into this terrific terrarium. Ideal for indoor gardening, the cactus-shaped dome creates an optimal greenhouse conditions for your plants, so they can flourish just as they would if they were happily growing in their natural environment - think rural Arizona rather than a Birmingham bedsit.

It even comes with a lovely ceramic pot to decant your green little windowsill pal into. That plastic one it came in was getting a bit grotty anyway.

Go on, pop it in your basket. If your plants were you then they’d upgrade your home, it’s only polite you do the same.

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