Summer Sale 2018
  • CUBees


All together now, 'Do, re, moo, fa, so, la, ti, oink!'

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    There are plenty of squares in the music business but we're pretty sure there aren't any cubes. And there definitely aren't any CUBees. Hardly surprising, because despite their staggering originality and undeniable cuteness, music moguls are unlikely to be impressed by a boxy bunch of singing, flapping farmyard animals.

    But what do industry bigwigs know about music, for Cliff's sake! Not much, because we confidently predict CUBees are going to be absolutely huge. CUBees might look just like cute little plastic boxes with adorable animal faces (and they are!) but each colourful cubic crooner sings three delightful ditties. Just press the button on the CUBees, er, head, and it will open and close its front face flap and quack, moo, oink, chirp, meow or bark a classic song.


    With material such as Yankee Doodle Dandy, London Bridge, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Old MacDonald you might be wondering what gives CUBees that all-important x-factor. Well, apart from the fact you don't see square animals singing and flapping that often, CUBees can also sing in choral harmony. No, really!

    CUBees Stack 'em and rack 'em together and your CUBees will perform as a duo, trio or complete chorus. Whichever CUBee you position on top of the pile belts out the lead while the others sing back-up. A bit like that group G4, only you don't have to watch CUBees through your fingers in abject embarrassment.

    CUBees are sold in twins or trios but the more you collect the more fun you'll have. Just think, you'll be the musical director of your very own vocal harmony group without the tantrums, diva-ish demands and deadwood member who wants to go solo.

    CUBees make great gifts and perfect desktop companions, and they're guaranteed to raise a smile each and every time they flap out their jovial jingles. Managing a musical menagerie has never been such fun. Oink!

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