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COD:MW3 Ear Force Bravo Headset for XBOX 360/PS3/PC/Mac
  • COD:MW3 Ear Force Bravo Headset for XBOX 360/PS3/PC/Mac

COD:MW3 Ear Force Bravo Headset for XBOX 360/PS3/PC/Mac

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    If you’re planning on playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 day and night you might as well immerse yourself to the max with a kick-ass headset. After all, you don’t want to hear a passing ice cream van blasting out Greensleeves when you’re on the brink of defeating the Russian Federation. So give your ears a treat, dear soldier, and shut out the real world with the mucho macho Ear Force Bravo Headset.

    Specifically designed for use with CoD across all platforms, this limited edition wireless headset will plunge your lugholes into the action like never before. Featuring awesome 50mm speakers, MW3 customised audio presets, a rechargeable battery and full complement of bonus MW3 content, the Bravo puts rival gaming headsets firmly in the shade. In fact it strafes them with bullets, leaves them for dead and rips off their dog tags!

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    Impressed? You will be because the Bravo’s fully-programmable Digital Signal Processor lets you enhance and personalise your CoD experience with fully customisable audio and chat signals. You can then select your custom presets on-the fly to zero in on enemy footsteps, amplify bone-rattling explosions and hear every shell casing hit the floor – as you simultaneously call the shots via the crystal clear mic.

    Factor in an exclusive CoD colour scheme, super comfy fabric mesh ear cushions, a military-style equipment case and textured military finish and you’re looking at one brutal set of cans. Not that you’ll be looking at them much as they’re destined to spend most of the time plonked on your head.

    If killing is your business but business could be better you need the Ear Force Bravo Headset. So hop to it, soldier. (Now if only it came with a rear view mirror so you could stop pulling stupid faces and swearing at bungling colleagues every time your mum comes in with a cup of tea).

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