CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator
  • CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator

CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator

Top up your tyres

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    Small but handy.
    A must have cycle accessory

    Alright, stop sniggering at the back. Yes, it might sound like a device for pumping up your jubblies, but the CO2-Bra Tyre Inflator is actually an incredibly handy way to inflate your bike tyre when you’re out and about.

    Never mind the hassle of a hand-pump – just load one of the specially-designed CO2 cartridges into this pocket-sized unit and it’ll do the hard work for you! A flip out thumb lever lets you regulate the flow of air into your tyre, and the built in pressure indicator lets you monitor the progress at all times.

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