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CD Shower Companion

    CD Shower Companion

    We promise, no Wet Wet Wet gags

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      What a fantastic idea. The CD Shower companion lets you play CDs and listen to the radio in the shower. As long as you don’t open the CD door when there's any water around, you'll be fine. The battery compartment also locks to a watertight seal.

      The sound from the speakers is surprisingly robust and clear, especially when a CD is playing. The reception on both bands of the radio is excellent, and the presets mean you can find Alan Green, Jonathan Ross or Pete Tong without having to turn a dial with soap in your eyes and on your hands. And preventing you from nodding off or losing track of time is the alarm clock function.

      Obviously, we don't recommend that you submerge the CD Shower Companion under the bubbles when you're having a hot soak, but this really is a fully water resistant music player. It's happy to be rained on, to have stray handfuls of soap bubbles land on it and generally take all that the average shower or bath can throw its way. You can even hang it from the showerhead without fear of your Limp Bizkit going soggy.

      Also in the box is a stand and two kinds of hanger, plus a wall bracket for permanent and secure mounting of the CD Shower Companion. Just be careful of those pipes and wires when piling into the bathroom walls with your Black and Decker. We recommend using the stand and placing the unit on the end of the bath. Then you can move it whenever you want. In fact, you're getting a useful portable player here too; one that you can easily take into the garden, out to the park or the beach. Very handy.

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