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CD Flight Case

    CD Flight Case

    Carry up to 180 CDs in style

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      Professional DJs are often seen swanning through airports towing ultra-rugged looking flight cases behind them, unless they are in the 'superstar DJ' bracket, in which case they most likely have a retinue of servants to do the heavy lifting for them. These beefy boxes look as though they could withstand a nuclear blast without breaking a sweat, but who can blame the Paul Van Dyks, Carl Coxes and Sashas of this world for being overprotective towards the tools of their trade?

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      But what about your regular music fan? We might not need quite the level of protection offered by top-of-the-line flight cases, but we would like to think our precious CD collections were offered a reasonable amount of protection from an often hostile world, particularly when we are on the move. Well, your luck is in, as the CD Flight Case is just the ticket.

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      Taking its styling cues from the aforementioned burly boxes, the CD Flight Case safely stores up to 180 CDs in protective vinyl sleeves, encased securely within a sturdy silvery ABS outer shell. The case has a hip 'industrial' design which wouldn't look out of place at the most cutting edge of clubs.

      Vinyl sleeves

      The vinyl sleeves are ingeniously attached within the outer shell by means of four ring-binder style hoops, making it easy and convenient to flip through your discs to find the latest stuff on Perlon, Kompakt and Warp, or whatever you kids are listening to these days.

      Ideal for the longer road trip, house moves, or for budding amateur DJs heading off to inflict their latest favourites on an unsuspecting housewarming party, the CD Flight Case is sure to keep your pride and joy in pristine condition. Banging!

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