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    So easy to record to CD

    Don’t leave your LP collection festering in the loft. With CD Direct you can convert your most cherished vinyls onto CD in a snap. And all without having to connect to a computer. This compact device will handle it all. Just pop a blank CD into the tray, set your record on top and the rest is simple. There’s even a built-in speaker so you can enjoy your LPs as your rip ‘em!

    But CD Direct has another trick up its sleeve. If you connect it to a computer it can convert your vinyls to MP3 as well. Save them to any music player you like – your mobile, iPod, Tablet, Laptop, etc. – and relive your musical youth any time you like. CD Direct gives your old collection a new lease of life. Except for that Wombles album. That’s best left where it is.

    Rear inputs and outputs

    Plug in a USB cable or attach some speakers and use the CD Direct as a regular turntable!

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